Sooner or later a musician will reach the point where mass-produced instruments no longer meet the expectations in his/her pursuit of individuality and perfection. One size does not fit all, and optics and sound are a matter of taste, anyway.

If one wants to go above and beyond the ordinary, has ideas which have to come to life in an classy way, you're at the right address with Devil's Choice.

All Devil's Choice models are individually and completely handcrafted in Germany.

Consequently, every instrument built is unique.
Wishes concerning the materials to be used, specific neck dimensions, finishes, or other gimmicks can be considered and put into practice.

Particular ideas, such as custom body shapes, can also see the light of day at Devil's Choice.
Competent advice concerning materials and construction methods help realise your one-of-a-kind instrument.

Uniqueness – the evil way.